2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

Student Services

Director of Admissions-Operations

Tammi Grow, M.B.A.

Assistant Vice President of Admissions & Student Success   Allison Hoffmann, D.B.A.

Associate Director, Academic Success and Retention

Leslie Abarr-Cuenca, M.A.

Assistant Director, Orientation 

Kat Falke, M.S.

Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs-Residential & Auxiliary Services

Rose Viau, M.S.Ed. 


Ashley Henggeler, M.B.A. 

Chief, University Police

Clarence Green, Ed.D.

Director, Partnerships and Placement


Director, Financial Assistance

Charles Mayfield, M.S.Ed.

Assistant Director, Wellness Services-Counseling

Kristen Peltz, M.S.

Assistant Director, Wellness Services-Operations Evan Rand, M.B.A. 


Terri Vogel, M.B.A.

Coordinator, Student Employment

Paula McLain, M.B.A.

Director, International Involvement Center 

 Phil Hull, Ph.D.

Manager, Textbook Services

Teri Tobin, B.S.

Assistant Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion

Justin Mallett, Ed.D.

Assistant Vice President of Title IX & Equity

William Sabio, M.S.Ed.