2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

Residence Halls, Suites and Apartments

Located in four areas on campus are 17 structures providing variety in living arrangements and common spaces for students. Residence halls offer integrated living/learning communities well suited for freshmen acclimating to college life. Suites provide a small group living environment desired by sophomore and junior students. Apartments offer a transition to independent living for junior, senior and graduate students.

The West Complex includes four High Rise Residence Halls that are seven-story buildings located on the west side of campus. Dieterich Hall (for H.R. Dieterich, education faculty), Millikan Hall (for Chloe Millikan, education faculty), Franken Hall (for Katherine Franken, psychology faculty), and Phillips Halls (for Homer T. Phillips, education faculty) are all coed residence halls. Tower Suites West and Tower Suites East located between Phillips and Franken were completed in 2004.

The North Complex contains Cooper Hall (for Albert H. Cooper, director of extension), and Douglas Hall (for 24-year Regent R.L. Douglas), which are coed residence halls.

The South Complex contains Wilson Hall (for Lon Wilson, dean of men), Richardson Hall (for fourth University president Ira Richardson), and Cook Hall (for T.H. Cook, history faculty). During 1999-2000, these connected structures were completely redesigned and renovated to eliminate the traditional dormitory arrangements.

The East Complex contains Hudson Hall (for the first woman registrar, Nell Hudson), Perrin Hall (for the first dean of women, Alice R. Perrin), and Roberta Hall (for Roberta Steel, who lost her life after a 1951 residence hall explosion). Roberta Hall was completely renovated during the 1993-94 academic year. Hudson and Perrin Halls were demolished and rebuilt in 2005-2007 to create a modified dormitory arrangement.

Forest Village Apartments (Hawthorne, Sycamore and Willow) were completed in 2004 and are located on the north side of Centennial Drive and include a community building providing lounges and meeting facilities for apartment residents, a convenience store, mailboxes and residential life staff offices. The apartments are fully furnished; consist of two- and four-bedroom styles; include a living room, storage closets and a small kitchen and dining space. These units also contain washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, garbage disposal, microwave, stove and cable TV.