2021-2022 Graduate Catalog

Holds: Transcript/Diploma/Enrollment

Failure to meet obligations to Northwest, financial (for example: tuition, room, board, telephone, parking, library fines, class materials) or otherwise (for example: incomplete admissions file) will be cause for refusal to allow an individual to enroll, receive a diploma, or receive an academic transcript.


  1. In financial situations, the Bursar will consider cases of exceptional circumstances.
    1. An exception to a hold on a transcript will be made when (1) a transcript is required by a funding agency in order for funds due the University to be released or (2) when financial assistance personnel have verified that all necessary paperwork has been completed by the student and that a sufficient amount of assistance to cover the student’s obligation will be forthcoming.
    2. Enrollment may be allowed at the discretion of the treasurer when there is reasonable assurance that funding will be forthcoming.
    3. No exceptions are made to a hold on a diploma.
  2. In situations where an individual has not submitted all the required transcripts and/or GRE/GMAT results, the Dean of the Graduate School may release a hold when there is reasonable assurance that the required materials are forthcoming. A hold may be placed on preregistration as well as general registration.
  3. In other situations (for example: disciplinary, etc.), the Dean of the Graduate School will consider exceptional circumstances.