2021-2022 Graduate Catalog

Refund Policy for Dropped Courses

Tuition Reduction

Semester Course

4-Week Summer Course/Winter Intersession Course


Day 1-5

1st day


Day 6-10

2nd day


Day 11-15

3rd day


Day 16-20

4th day

Other time frame prorated.

Added courses will be charged full price.

General Information

  • Refunds are based on FULL payment of all fees assessed.
  • Payments made by financial aid, may be refunded back to the program if a student withdraws during the first 60% of a semester.
  • Refunds/reductions in charge are based on initial enrollment.
  • Refunds are not made if under $1.00 (unless requested at the Student Account Services/Cashiering Office).
  • Refunds for off-schedule classes are prorated in line with the published schedule based on number of class meetings.