2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Pre-Professional Programs

Northwest offers pre-professional courses of study which encompass many careers. In most instances, these courses have been compiled in conjunction with specific requirements of professional schools. Many professional schools require specific procedures in regard to entrance tests, application deadlines and interviews. Thus, it is mandatory that students have a specific pre-professional advisor who is versed in the necessary requirements for admission to the professional school.

In many professions, no specific undergraduate major must be followed and the student may major in any area of interest. Therefore, students should have both a pre-professional and a major advisor.




Academic Area

Chiropractic Jeffry Thornsberry Biology
Dental Hygiene Julie Johnson Biology
Dentistry James Campbell Biology
Engineering Himadri Chakraborty Physics
Law Daniel Smith Political Science
Clinical Laboratory Sciences Gretchen Thornsberry Biology
Medicine Jeffry Thornsberry Biology
Nursing Julie Johnson Biology
Occupational Therapy Alisha Campbell Biology
Optometry Kathleen Spears Biology
Osteopathic & Allopathic Medicine Jeffry Thornsberry Biology
Pharmacy Jeffry Thornsberry Biology
Physical Therapy Alisha Campbell Biology
Radiology Julie Johnson Biology
Respiratory Therapy Julie Johnson Biology
Veterinary Medicine Peter Adam Biology

Jacqueline Lacy Agricultural Sciences