2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

General Studies Comprehensive Major, 69 hours: B.A.- No Minor Required

CIP: 240102

The Bachelor of Arts in General Studies is an online or on-campus, adaptable degree aimed at the working professional who wants to continue working while earning an undergraduate degree.  It is also suitable for students who have an unclear career path. The degree is multidisciplinary, allowing students the opportunity to explore their interests in unique and innovative ways.  Students can choose from emphasis areas including but not limited to accounting and finance, business management, education, geography and geographic information science, health and physical education, marketing, and nursing. Students have the option to create their own emphasis area(s) through a proposal process with their academic advisor.


Students working toward a Bachelor of Arts degree in General Studies must 1) complete 9 hours of one language and 2) complete a minimum of 32 credit hours at the 300-level or above.

The Northwest Core (44-47 hours)

Institutional Requirements (4 hours)

B.A. Modern Language Requirement (9 hours)

Modern Language


All 9 hours must be in the same language.

Emphasis Areas (54 credit hours)

Students must complete at least 6 courses, with labs if required, from 3 different emphasis areas for a minimum of 18 hours per emphasis area.

Emphasis areas should be selected in consultation with an academic advisor. 

Students wanting to create an emphasis area should work with an academic advisor to complete the proposal paperwork.

Advisor-Approved Electives (15 hours)

Free electives as needed to reach minimum 120 graduation hours