2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Bachelor of Music Education (B.M.E.) (K-12 Certification)

The purpose of the B.M.E. degree is to provide music teacher training. Those who complete this degree are normally granted a certificate to teach in Missouri. All degrees in education are subject to state requirements which may change at any time due to action of the State Board of Education. Care should be exercised in choosing courses to assure a minimum of 40 semester hours of senior college work in courses numbered above 300. Completion of this curriculum, other University requirements, and an overall grade point average of 2.75 on a 4.00 scale qualifies a student to receive a Bachelor of Music Education degree. The Bachelor of Music Education degree is available with these majors: Instrumental Music K-12, Vocal Music K-12. Candidates must complete the following requirements:

B.M.E. Degree Requirements

The Northwest Core (44-47 hours)

Must include the following:

COM 29102Fundamentals of Oral Communication *


PSYC 08299Educational Psychology


Directed Northwest Core Requirement: must achieve grade of C or better in each.

Institutional Requirements (4 hours)

Degree Requirement (3 hours)

EDUC 61569Multiculturalism in Education


Major Requirements (62-64 hours)

Professional Requirements

Professional Education Phase I (3 hours)

EDCI 62117Inclusive Classrooms and Positive Learning Environments


EDCI 62118Teaching is Communication


EDCI 62119Professional Learning Community III


Professional Education Phase II (9 hours)

EDCI 62220Designing Integrated Curriculum Part I


EDCI 62230Developmental Foundations of Adolescent Literacy


EDUC 61224Professional Learning Community IV


EDCI 62225Designing Integrated Curriculum Part II


EDUC 61270Classroom Management Strategies


EDUC 61229Professional Learning Community V


EDCI 62321Designing Intervention and Assessment


EDCI 62322Literacy Assessment and Intervention: Theory and Techniques

1 to 2

EDUC 61325Professional Learning Community VI


Special Methods in Education

2 to 3

See majors for specific methods courses.

Professional Education Phase III (15 hours)

EDUC 61431Secondary School Practicum


PSYC 08322Adolescent Psychology


EDUC 61470Directed Teaching in Elementary and Secondary School

1 to 10

EDUC 61432Professional Education Capstone


Special Methods:  A special methods course must be completed with each major or minor which carries 9-12 or K-12 certification.  See department course listings.

Total Credit Hours: 137