2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Mass Media / 20

The School of Communication and Mass Media offers undergraduate programs in mass media, advertising, and digital media to prepare students for the converged media industry. The mass media major also allows students to learn a core set of production and critical thinking skills within a focused area of interest such as multimedia journalism, sports media, broadcast and production, and applied advertising. Students majoring in the mass media degrees develop not only communication skills (verbal, written, listening, and interpersonal) but also critical thinking skills and equipment and computer operation skills. Careful attention is given to achieving a balance between cognitive development and specific skills acquisition; therefore, students also develop a broad understanding and appreciation of the historical, theoretical and operational nature of the mass media.

In addition, students are encouraged at the very beginning of their University experience to become involved with a variety of hands-on activities with award-winning media outlets KZLX-LP, KXCV/KRNW-FM, KNWT-TV, Northwest Missourian newspaper, nwmissourinews.com (converged online news site), Tower yearbook, Heartland View online magazine, and student media organizations. These experiences lead to a realistic view of professional working conditions. Students are further guided in the acquisition of appropriate time management, adaptation, and teamwork skills.

Advanced Standing Requirement

Mass Media majors may not enroll in upper division mass media courses (numbered 300 or above) prior to successful completion of the School of Communication and Mass Media’s advanced standing requirements:

  1. Students must complete MMED 20110, MMED 20120 and MMED 20130 with a minimum grade of C.
  2. The student shall have an assigned major advisor from the Mass Media faculty.


Assessment of Core Proficiencies Requirement

Students must receive a score of at least 1 in two of the three test areas or they must retake the Assessment of Core Proficiencies test, an assessment given when the student reaches junior status. Students who do not reach this requirement will be notified by either their advisor or the department chairperson. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange for retaking the test.

Degree Programs

The Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies (31 hours) is designed to provide students with theoretical and applied knowledge and a liberal arts education through the requirements for the B.A. degree.

The Bachelor of Science in Mass Media (55 hours), in Strategic Advertising (61 hours), and in Digital Media (61 hours) are available to those seeking the B.S. degree. In addition to providing a comprehensive theoretical foundation within the discipline, these degrees provide extensive practical knowledge and experience.

A minor in Broadcasting (24 hours), a minor in Journalism (24 hours), a minor in Advertising (24 hours) and an interdisciplinary minor in Digital Media (24 hours) are available to students with majors in other academic disciplines.