2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

REC 45499 Recreation Internship

A transitional, applied experience to facilitate a gradual induction to professional recreation. The experience should include a minimum of 450 hours of hands-on, supervised practical experience over a minimum of 12-15 week period. Sites for internships must meet academic and professional criteria and should be pre-approved by the Recreation Program Coordinator prior to enrollment in the course. The experience will be directed and supervised by a recreation professional on-site at the approved agency and a university recreation program faculty member serving as the internship supervisor. Settings for internships may include municipal or community recreation and/or park departments, state and national parks, commercial recreation agencies, social service agencies, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, assisted living and long term care facilities, retirement homes, day and residential camps, church recreation programs, and others with prior approval.  This is the final capstone course and should be the last class taken in a student's academic program.  A course fee will be charged in addition to the tuition credits.  This fee covers additional administrative costs and the travel expenses for a faculty supervisor site visit within 150 miles from campus.  This course must be passed with a C or better.  NOTE: 10 week internships MAY be allowed for students working at residential camps.  See the Recreation Coordinator for approval BEFORE agreement is signed. Prerequisites: REC 45450 or 45455 Field Experiences with a grade of C or better.