2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

PSYC 08405 Parenthood Education

This course addresses major parenting issues, such as issues and characteristics associated with developmentally appropriate parent-child interaction, as well as parenting roles and responsibilities from a global and intercultural perspective. We will address diverse families and parenting in a variety of cultures, as well as competencies for effective parenting across the lifespan. All of this will be grounded in the context of students’ current and future involvement in parent education, relationships, and experiences.   This course embraces knowledge based on scientific discovery (research), as well as preexisting personal knowledge. The course will examine individual culture and self-understanding in relation to the context of parenthood. The development of critical thinking skills is a course goal that exists alongside mastery of course content. Students will have opportunities to develop skills and criteria for evaluating the views and ethno-theories in society concerning parenting and parent-child relationships.  Prerequisite: PSYC 08312. (F, S, SS)