2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

EDCI 62325 Professional Learning Community VI

Professional learning communities will bring together teacher candidates to share and reflect upon the knowledge, skills, and dispositions gained in EDCI 62331, EDCI 62322, MATH 17323, EDCI 62324, and EDCI 62342 applied to their classroom contexts.  By working in small groups of colleagues and peers, learning will be emergent, targeted and collaborative.  Successful completion of EDCI 62325 will be contingent upon successful completion of EDCI 62331, EDCI 62322, EDCI 62324, EDCI 62342 and MATH 17323. Prerequisite:  A grade of C or better in EDCI 62229.  Corequisites for Elementary and Special Education majors include:  EDCI 62331, EDCI 62322, EDCI 62324, EDCI 62342, and MATH 17323.