2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

EDCI 62202 Understanding the Whole Child: Infants and Toddlers

This course orients candidates to the concept of the "whole child" by focusing on the developmental characteristics, needs, and capabilities of infants and toddlers across the following developmental domains:  physical, cognitive, language, social and emotional.  Emphasized is the inter-connectedness of these domains, theories that further our understanding of these domains, particularly language acquisition and emotional intelligence, and explores the interaction between biology and socio-cultural environment as contributing factors to child development.  As prospective teachers of young children, candidates will be facilitated to use this information to inform their planning of learning experiences for infants and toddlers while recognizing and valuing families as partners in supporting children's development.  The positive image of the child as competent, capable, and an active learner lays the foundation and framework for a strengths-based approach to working with ALL children, including those with special needs and rights.