2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

CHEM 24438 Medicinal Chemistry II

This is a continuation of CHEM 24436. Students could choose from Drug Delivery or Physical-Chemical Principles of Solution Dosage Forms.  Drug Delivery: The course will survey the latest technology for delivering pharmaceuticals and biologicals to reduce side effects and enhance drug efficacy. The course will survey the latest research in this area and examine more classical delivery methods. A qualitative and quantitative understanding of drug delivery practice and theory is the goal. This course is only open to distance education students.  Physical-Chemical Principles of Solution Dosage Forms: Physical properties of pharmaceutical solutions and their physiological compatibility will be discussed (intermolecular interactions, energetics, colligative properties, isotonicity, pH, buffers and drug solubility). Kinetics and mechanisms of drug degradation in solution will also be introduced. This course is only open to distance education students. Prerequisite: CHEM 24436 with a minimum grade of C. (S)