2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog


The Board of Regents

Under the powers prescribed by law, the Board of Regents functions as the policy-making body of Northwest Missouri State University. The eight-member Board of Regents is entrusted with the formulation of the general, educational and financial policies of the University. In addition, the Board has the power to carry out any further functions which are permitted by its bylaws or by the articles of incorporation.

Northwest Leadership Team (NLT)

The NLT leads Northwest’s strategic course and charts daily operations by providing executive leadership for all organizational operational portfolios. Additionally, the NLT is the interface between the university faculty, staff, and students and the Board of Regents.

Extended Leadership Team (ELT)

The ELT not only helps to chart Northwest's strategic course, but it also contributes to the shaping of daily operations. The ELT ensures cross-departmental cooperation, transparency, and widespread input and sharing of information.

Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is the representative body of the faculty. According to the Faculty Constitution, “The Faculty Senate develops, formulates, and recommends curricula, policies, and procedures to the appropriate authorities, including but not limited to the Chief Academic Officer, the President of the University, and/or the Board of Regents.” 

Staff Council

Staff Council contributes to the success of Northwest Missouri State University by supporting the University mission and strategy.  The Council serves to facilitate effective communication and engagement between University staff and the University President, Board of Regents, Northwest Leadership Team, and Office of Human Resources.

Deans Council

The mission of the Deans Council is to facilitate the development and implementation of a shared vision with our faculty colleagues so that the academic core at Northwest Missouri State University meets the needs of the constituencies it serves.

Council on Teacher Education

The Council is composed of one member from each School/department's designated teacher education faculty with two teacher education faculty members from the School of Education, one graduate education student and two undergraduate education students. The Council is responsible for establishing standards, curriculum, and degrees in teacher education and in teacher education admission and retention policies.

Graduate Council

The Graduate Council, made up of elected graduate faculty members, graduate students and the dean of the Graduate School, recommends all policies and programs involved with graduate study. It coordinates, with the Faculty Senate, all recommendations for approval of upper-division undergraduate courses which may also be approved for graduate credit if taken by eligible graduate students. The Graduate Council also reviews recommendations from the Council on Teacher Education as these relate to advanced programs in teacher education.

Student Senate

Student Senate is the representative governing body of the Student Government Association, which includes all students. The Senate serves students in many capacities: proposing beneficial changes in University policies, acting as a liaison between students and administration, screening the formation of new organizations, supervising campus-wide elections and approving fund-raising activities on campus.

University Committees

The committees organization provides faculty, students and support and administrative staffs an opportunity to participate in the affairs of the University. The Northwest Leadership Team, in cooperation with the Faculty Senate, coordinates the University committee assignments.

Board of Regents

Dr. Marilou Joyner 

 Kansas City

 Chair of the Board

Term Expires 2021

Roxanna Swaney


Vice Chair of the Board

Term Expires 2024

Lydia Hurst


Term Expires 2025

Jason Klindt


Term Expires 2023

John Moore


Term Expires 2023

Deborah Roach

Grant City

Term Expires 2025

Mel Tjeerdsma


Term Expires 2025




Northwest Missouri State University Presidents

John Jasinski


Dean L. Hubbard


B.D. Owens


Robert P. Foster


J.W. Jones


Uel W. Lamkin


Ira Richardson


Henry Kirby Taylor


Homer Martien Cook


Frank Deerwester