2020-2021 Graduate Catalog

Specialist in Education Superintendent

CIP: 130411

The Specialist in Education program offers additional study beyond the master’s degree for persons preparing for positions in educational leadership. Three areas of specialization are offered: superintendency and Educational Administration K-12.

Program Admission/Initial Enrollment Requirements Educational Specialist Superintendent:

Initial enrollment is the first enrollment term in which a student seeking the Specialist in Education degree is registered.

Students wishing to pursue a graduate degree in Professional Education in the program area of Superintendent must meet the admission requirements of the University and department as stated in this catalog.  See admission requirements under specific program descriptions.  

The student has the responsibility to work with the department of education within their respective state to determine individual certification requirements. 

The Ed.S. applicant must supply evidence of a completed master's degree from a regionally or nationally accredited institution of higher education with a minimum grade point average of 3.00/4.00.

  1. Satisfactory completion of a minimum of 30 approved graduate semester hours beyond the master’s degree (at least 11 of which must be at the 700 level) with a minimum grade point average of 3.25 overall and at Northwest.
  2. Documentation of one of the following:

*3.75 or higher on the analytical writing measure of the GRE OR

*Successful completion of the Departmental Entrance Exam (DAE) OR

*Valid state teacher (classroom teacher) certificate OR

*National Board Certification

Transfer Credit

A student may transfer up to 9 semester hours in no more than four courses from regionally-accredited institutions offering the specialist degree if the courses are appropriate, not used to complete a previous degree, approved by the candidate's advisor, and are graded at a "B" or higher. 

Any courses previously taken to complete another degree cannot count towards the minimum 30 credit hour requirement. 

Time Limitations

All requirements submitted in fulfillment of the degree must be completed within a period of eight (8) years.  Any courses past the eight-year requirement must be retaken for program credit. 

Written Assessment of Competency Mastery

All students seeking an Educational Specialist -  Superintendent are required to complete the Written Assessment of Competency Mastery.  The assessment will include reference to artifacts/course content and reflection on personal growth as an educational leader.  This assessment will be given during 61-738 (Internship). 

Research Component

The student will participate in a research component related to the use of data in the field of education. This data project will be completed during Writing and Interpreting Statistics (61-723).

Certification Requirements

In addition to fulfilling the Specialist in Education degree requirements listed, students seeking Missouri certification must:

  1. Successfully complete the course EDCI 62641, Educating the Exceptional Child (if the requirement has not previously been met).
  2. Submit a signed, notarized morality statement if not previously certified in the State of Missouri.

The student has the responsibility of applying for any new certification and researching and completing any requirements from other states. 

Required courses:


EDUC 61642Multicultural Education for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


EDUC 61633Curriculum Design


EDUC 61623Relational School Leadership


EDUC 61740 The Superintendency


EDUC 61723Writing and Interpreting Educational Literature and Statistics


EDUC 61738 Internship in School Administration and Supervision


EDUC 61665School Law


EDUC 61770School Buildings and Equipment


EDUC 61775School Finance


EDUC 61713School Personnel Administration


Total Credit Hours: 30