2020-2021 Graduate Catalog

Department of Professional Education

Director of Teacher Education: Timothy Wall

Assistant Director of Teacher Education: Joseph Haughey

School of Education, Graduate Faculty: Kristina Alexander, Johannah Baugher, Travis Dimmitt, Shantel Farnan, William Daniel Gordon, Nissa Ingraham, David Kiene, Tamara Lynn, Melissa Pelkey, Gregory Rich, Cynthia Schairer-Kessler, Vicki Seeger, Sandy Seipel, Everett Singleton, Linda Gray Smith, Sara Taylor, Timothy Wall, and Sue Wood.

Director of Clinical and Field Experiences (graduate): Gregory Rich

Assistant Coordinator of Clinical and Field Experiences: Cathy Barr

Principal of Horace Mann Laboratory School: Laura King

Director of Leet Center for Children and Families: Cindy Rouner


Alternative Certification/Post Baccalaureate – William Daniel Gordon

Curriculum and Instruction – Sue Wood

Doctor of Educational Leadership (MU Ed.D collaborative) – Nissa Ingraham

Educational Leadership (M.S.Ed.) – David Kiene

Educational Leadership (Ed.S.) – Kristina Alexander

Reading – Johannah Baugher

Special Education – Shantel Farnan

Department Telephone: (660) 562-1239

Statement of Mission

Northwest Missouri State University is a learning-centered community of scholars offering undergraduate and selected graduate programs. The University is committed to preparing broadly educated and engaged citizens for a world of constant change, applying information technology to improve learning processes, and promoting continuous improvement to enhance performance in all its activities. Northwest seeks to expand access to learning and promote research designed to address the needs of our students and stakeholders.

Changes to programs during this catalog cycle may be made related to changes in certification requirements and/or program changes approved by both Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

All education graduate students are required to complete the following as a condition of graduation.

Diverse Field Experience

The Department of Professional Education is committed to preparing professionals to work with all students. To facilitate multicultural awareness and understanding of issues related to teaching students from diverse backgrounds, the department requires a twenty-one hour field experience in a diverse setting for all MSED candidates during their multiculturalism in education course.

Comprehensive Assessment

To meet exit comprehensive requirements, students are required to complete the Written Assessment of Competency Mastery. The assessment will include reference to artifact/course content, and reflection on personal growth as a curriculum leader.

Research Component

The student will participate in a research component related to the use of data in the field of education. This data project will be completed during a data literacy course. This research component must be completed prior to graduation/certification.

Written Assessment of Competency

All students seeking a graduate degree are required to complete the Written Assessment of Competency Mastery either as a requirement for admission or during the coursework of the program.

Program Admission Requirements

Students wishing to pursue a graduate degree in Professional Education in the program area of Curriculum and Instruction must meet the admission requirements of the University and department as stated in this catalog. See admission requirements under specific program descriptions.

Admission Appeal

Students not meeting the departmental GPA admission standards as stated may appeal to the departmental admission committee. Appeals should be made in writing to the department chairperson.

If after a second attempt on the GRE the student is unable to attain the minimum admission score, he or she may appeal to the departmental admission committee. Appeals should be made in writing to the department chairperson.

Students not successfully completing a second writing assessment may appeal in writing to the department chairperson.

Departmental Admissions Appeal Committee

The chairperson will appoint a committee of three department members, including the advisor, and two professors, one who has had the student in class and one who has not.

The student is to:

1.  Submit a portfolio including, but not limited to:

a. Transcripts of all credits.

b. A written request for alternative admission (minimum 250 words not to exceed three double-spaced typed pages).

c. Two employer/supervisor recommendations.

2. Make an oral presentation to the committee including:

a. Statement of personal and professional reasons for appeal.

b. Factors or motivation for seeking a graduate degree.

c. Projected plans for degree completion.

Students seeking admission through the appeal process should contact respective program advisors for portfolio guidelines.