2020-2021 Graduate Catalog

Incomplete Grade

The incomplete grade form is initiated with the course instructor. This grade indicates that due to unusual circumstances a small portion of a course has not been completed. In each instance when an incomplete grade is assigned, the instructor of the course, at the end of the course, indicates on the form what the student must do to complete the course. The form is turned in to the Registrar’s Office at the time the final grades are submitted for the course. Incomplete grades in graduate credit courses (with the exception of thesis courses and other courses designated by the Dean of the Graduate School) must be removed within one calendar year, or the incomplete grade becomes an “F” on the student’s permanent grade record. Graduate students cannot graduate if they have an incomplete grade on their transcript.

A student wishing to submit makeup work to remove an incomplete grade must make arrangements with the instructor. Faculty members are not obligated to accept and evaluate makeup work in order to submit a grade change after the above time periods. The student must request specific extensions of time in writing from the instructor of the course. If supported by the instructor, the request, with instructor support, must be forwarded to the Dean of the Graduate School for implementation. If not supported by the instructor, a grade of “F” will be assigned at the end of the initial incomplete time period. Length of the extension, if granted, will be determined by the instructor in consultation with the Dean of the Graduate School.