2020-2021 Graduate Catalog


Times for graduate registration will be announced each semester. Courses numbered at the 500 level are available for upper division undergraduate as well as graduate students. (Students enrolling in 500-level courses for graduate credit will meet additional requirements as stated in the course syllabus.) Courses at the 600 level are for graduate students only. Courses at the 700 level are available only to Specialist in Education students. Courses at the 800 level are available only to doctoral students. No course numbered below 500 is available for graduate credit. A minimum of 16 credits of 600-level courses are required for all master’s degrees. The remaining credits must be graduate level courses.

Graduate students may register for regularly-scheduled courses by contacting their advisor or the Graduate Office at 660-562-1144.

Undergraduate students who have met the requirements for dual enrollment may preregister as usual. Undergraduate students are not permitted to enroll in 600-level graduate credit courses unless approved for dual enrollment. (See “Academic Policies.” ) Students may not dual enroll in 600-level courses by computer. Enrollment in 600-level courses must be completed in the Registrar’s Office.

Each graduate student should consult the listing of department advisors and meet with his or her advisor before registration concerning the applicability of any course to his or her program as well as for any other concern.