2020-2021 Graduate Catalog


The student must complete all applicable general requirements as well as those outlined for degree programs and pass the comprehensive assessment requirement.

The student must have been admitted to candidacy, and he or she must have been recommended for graduation in the prescribed manner. Recommendations for award of the graduate degrees originate with the Graduate Council, and are acted upon by the President and the Board of Regents.

At the beginning of the last semester of enrollment, the degree candidate must complete a Final Application for  Graduate Degree (available online). The graduation fee (see “Fees and Costs”) is assessed whether or not the student plans to participate in commencement exercises.

Information regarding commencement exercises and ordering of cap, gown, and hood will be sent to your University email account.

Courses not required for the master’s or specialist degree that show an in-progress (IP) grade at the time of the degree conferral will not hinder the degree conferral. However, when completed and graded, those courses will be reflected within the time frame of the degree, causing the hours to count as part of the degree.

Participation in the Commencement Ceremony

Students typically participate in the commencement ceremony during the semester in which the degree is earned. A student may participate in the commencement ceremony one semester before earning the degree if the student has 6 or fewer credit hours remaining to earn the degree in the following semester. A student who participates in commencement in the semester prior to earning the degree does not have to have completed the comprehensive exam, portfolio or the research component in order to participate in the commencement ceremony. Students who have earned the degree and who did not participate in commencement may participate in a later commencement ceremony. Students who want to participate in a commencement ceremony in a semester before or after the degree is earned must contact the Graduate Office six weeks prior to commencement.