2019-2020 Graduate Catalog

Doctor of Education

Northwest is cooperating with the University of Missouri-Columbia to offer an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership. The program is also available through several other regional campuses in Missouri. The degree is awarded by the University of Missouri-Columbia and was designed through the collaboration of professors, school administrators, teachers and other educational and business leaders across Missouri.

Program Design

The program is an advanced study in educational leadership for administrators, program leaders, and teachers/researchers for a variety of positions in public and private education, government and industry. The goal is to enhance the knowledge and competencies of leaders so they provide optimal leadership for education of all learners.

Characteristics of the Program

  1. Students progress through the program as a “cohort.”
  2. Students from each regional institution are a site cohort, with students from all institutions forming a state cohort.
  3. Coursework is completed in six concurrent semesters, beginning in the summer and concluding in the spring semester two years later.
  4. Dissertation research follows the two years of coursework.
  5. Coursework instruction occurs at each regional site during the fall and spring semesters. Summer instruction is in residence at the University of Missouri-Columbia.
  6. Technology is used as a medium for instructional delivery throughout the program.
  7. Curriculum is integrated, thematic and problem-based.

Program Curriculum

Some primary themes of the curriculum:

Leadership Theory and Practice

Leadership skills and theory

Ethical and moral issues

Internal/external communication

Conflict resolution

Organizational culture

Organizational Analysis

Organizational theory/analysis

Strategic planning

Change facilitation

Problem analysis/solving

Infrastructure issues

Resource acquisition

Social implications of technology

Content and Context for Learning

Diverse learners

Learning theories and models

Instructional models

Technology in learning

Program assessment

Analyzing Educational Policy

Educational inquiry

Policy analysis

Social, political, legal issues

Research, Inquiry and Evaluation

Educational planning/evaluation

Qualitative research

Quantitative research

Application and Admissions Process

Students interested in application to the program should contact the Department of Professional Education at Northwest (660) 562-1095 and visit with the campus liaison or call (573) 882-8221 at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Superintendent Certification Option with Completed MU/Northwest Doctorate

CIP: 130411


  1. Accepted and enrolled in Cooperative Doctorate Program
  2. A valid teaching certificate
  3. A valid elementary or secondary principal certificate
  4. Recommendation from Northwest Department of Professional Education faculty


Required Courses to Fulfill Program Competencies

School Personnel Administration


School and Community Relations


School Plant Design


The Superintendency


School Finance


Completion of the Ed.S. Comprehensive Examination

Doctoral Dissertation (Focus on PK-12)

Upon successful completion of the doctorate degree and all optional requirements, the Department of Educational Leadership will make the recommendation for superintendency.

Requests for the Superintendent Certification Option with a Completed Doctorate in Educational Leadership from another accredited university must be evaluated and approved by the program advisor.