2019-2020 Graduate Catalog

Strategic Communication M.A.

CIP: 090901

The Master of Art in Strategic Communication is a 32-credit online program focusing on skills that may be applied to multiple employment venues such as businesses, non-profits and government agencies.

Within this competency-based program, students learn and demonstrate knowledge and skills through exercises and activities. The program is designed for working professionals allowing students to complete the competencies at their own pace.

At Northwest, students may also earn credit through prior learning assessments giving students the opportunity to proceed through the program at a faster pace.

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 on the undergraduate transcript
  • Application fee required
  • Submit with the application a two-page, double-spaced Statement of Purpose. Faculty teaching in the Strategic Communication program in the School of Communication and Mass Media will evaluate the Statement of Purpose as part of the application process, and a score of 3.5 or higher must be met. The score guide used by the GRE Analytical Writing Measure will be used. If the applicant does not successfully complete the Statement of Purpose, the applicant’s application may be considered for conditional admission, with remediation assigned in the applicant’s first semester.

Portfolio Requirement/Comprehensive Assessment

  • A requirement for the successful completion of the degree program is the portfolio. Each student will also write a reflective statement for their portfolio.
Research Component Requirement
  • Each student will complete the Capstone course at the conclusion of the program.  While each student will have a unique capstone activity, the majority of the work will be research-based, and will be under the supervision of the student's faculty member.


  • Subscription based enrollment where a minimum of 9, and a maximum of 12 credit hours are required with the exception of student’s final term.


  • CBP Competency Based Pass indicates course completion with 85% or above
  • CBF Competency Based Fail indicates course completion below 85%
  • CBP Competency Based Prior Learning Credit can be awarded up to 11 credit hours. See associated fees on Bursar’s Website.
  • Incomplete grade are not an option for competency based programs. If unable to complete course, a CBF will be assigned and student will be required to re-enroll in the following term.

Students will have the opportunity to complete an assessment for each course a maximum of three times. If students do not successfully complete the course assessment they will be dismissed from the program.



COM 29610Foundational Domain in Strategic Communication


Organizational Dynamics Domain

COM 29621Conflict Resolution and Management


COM 29622Power Dynamics and Networks


COM 29623Organizational Culture and Communication


Strategic Communication Management Domain

COM 29631Crisis Management


COM 29632Campaign Development


COM 29633Public and Media Relations


Project Management Domain

COM 29641Decision Making and Problem Solving


COM 29642Project Management


COM 29643Data Analytics


Strategic Communication Skills and Techniques Domain

COM 29651Oral Presentation Skills


COM 29652Intercultural Strategies


COM 29653Negotiation


COM 29654Writing Skills



COM 29660Capstone in Strategic Communication


Total Credit Hours: 32