2019-2020 Graduate Catalog

Teaching: Secondary Agricultural Education M.S.Ed.

CIP: 131301

The Master of Science in Education degree with a concentration in Teaching Secondary Agricultural Education is available for those pursuing a career in teaching. This program is particularly adapted to the needs of agricultural education teachers who embark upon a graduate program. The student continues the development of their professional educational background while concentrating on their area of specialization in agriculture. The graduate study will improve the qualifications and capabilities of the students, provide opportunity for independent study and investigation, and provide the necessary education for graduate students to enter further advanced degree programs. Students must meet the requirements of the School of Education in addition to the requirements of the Department of Agricultural Sciences. For additional information see the School of Education section of this catalog.

Program Admission Requirements

Students must have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.50 on a 4.00 scale and a score of at least 284 on both the verbal and quantitative portions of the GRE before full acceptance into the program. No GRE subject test is required.

Students having a combined GRE score of less than 284 on verbal and quantitative can petition the graduate faculty of the Department of Agricultural Sciences for a waiver of the GRE requirement.

Students must take a writing assessment during their first semester of enrollment. This assessment will be scheduled by the School of Education. The graduate faculty will evaluate the writing sample and determine if there is a need for supplemental coursework in writing skills.


Core Requirements (6)

EDUC 61695Philosophy of Education



EDUC 61649Issues in Education



EDUC 61682Improvement of Instruction through Action Research


EDUC 61683Action Research Paper


Subject Field Requirements (20)

EDUC 61650Improvement of Teaching


EDUC 61651Seminar and Practicum in Teaching


Agriculture Requirements


Unspecified Electives (6)

Any graduate course from any department may be selected as an elective providing the student will have completed at least 16 semester hours at the 600 level.

Total Credit Hours: 32


A member of the graduate education faculty will serve as the program director. A graduate faculty member from the agriculture area will serve as area advisor and both signatures will be required on the Degree Audit Form. Any change in a Degree Audit Form must be initiated by the student and be submitted to the Graduate Office accompanied with written approval from both advisors.

Comprehensive Examination

The examination will be scheduled and administered by faculty members in the School of Education. The content of the examination will be equally divided between those courses required in education and the agriculture area. Each department will be responsible for the construction and evaluation of its portion of the comprehensive examination. The degree candidate must pass both portions of the examination.