2019-2020 Graduate Catalog

EDUC 61621 Effective Teaching Practice

This course focuses on how teacher leaders use their combined knowledge and skills to plan effective lessons for their students based on assessment, prior knowledge of students, the need for differentiated instruction, and adjusting teaching based on student responses. These effective teaching practices all contribute to the work candidates complete for Component 2. Candidates will examine their current teaching practices, those of their peers and experts in the field, and how those may be expanded or improved upon to assist students in intended learning outcomes. Candidates will use what they have learned to write content for Component 4 of the National Boards process as part of Phase II, Theory and Practice of Accomplished Teaching, providing for deeper examination of the candidate's current practice and how that practice may change through the certification process. There are no prerequisites for this course; however, the Teacher Leader Program is a cohort model. It is expected that the course will be taken in the required sequence.