2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog

Student Life Policies and Regulations

Student Records

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University Housing Policy

Research has proven that freshmen experience an advantage, both in grades and in adjustment to college life, by living on campus within the University environment. To capitalize on this advantage, the University requires all first-time freshmen to live in the residence halls, unless they commute from their parents’ or legal guardians’ home, are married, or are 21 years of age or older. Students may petition the requirement to live on campus by completing the Commuting Form in the acceptance packet. Students whose form is approved will be exempted from this policy.

Student Identification Card (Bearcat Card)

Every student enrolled at Northwest is required to have an identification card (Bearcat Card), to carry it at all times, and to present it when requested by University personnel. The Bearcat Card serves as a meal card for students. In addition the card is used in the library, at sporting events, and in the copy machines and vending machines. The card can also be used as an ATM and debit card worldwide if the user has a US Bank account. All graduate and undergraduate students should report to the ID Office, in the J.W. Jones Union, as soon as they enroll, present their enrollment forms, and receive an ID card. The card is valid as long as the student is enrolled at Northwest. There is a replacement fee if the card is lost or stolen.

Campus Conduct Program

Coordinated by the Student Conduct and Development Coordinator, the Campus Conduct Program is a multi-leveled system of discipline committees designed to hear student grievances and violations of the Student Code of Conduct. For more information, refer to the online Student Handbook or contact the Student Conduct and Development Coordinator, (660) 562-0810.

Motor Vehicle Registration

Students are responsible for knowing and observing the parking and traffic policies. All vehicles must be registered with the University Police Department in order to use University parking facilities. Parking areas are designated for use by permit type.

Maps of the campus and copies of the Parking and Traffic Policy are available at the University Police Department, and are also available online at www.nwmissouri.edu/police/index.htm. Appeals of parking and traffic fines are heard by the Student-Faculty Traffic Committee and may be filed at the University Police Department.

Other University Policies

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