2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog

LANG 14251 American Sign Language I

This course provides a deeper interactive-immersion approach to learning American Sign Language and Deaf Culture by continuing and reinforcing the discourse expansion practices of Introduction to ASL and Deaf Culture (LANG 14151). An emphasis on verb and temporal agreements through contextual learning and role-playing activities improve communicative skills. Active participation in the Deaf Community, cultural events, presentations, and projects will deepen the experiential learning and language acquisition at the developing novice proficiency level student. Skills will be reinforced to enhance proficiency through reflective practices that can be applied in a variety of settings, and understanding the two historical perspectives of Deafness and applying that information to new settings. This class is taught primarily in ASL with no voice. Prerequisites: LANG 14151 with a minimum grade of C or permission of instructor. (F, S, SS)