2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

Bachelor of Music Education

Completion of this curriculum, other University requirements, and minimum overall grade point average qualifies a student to receive a Bachelor of Music Education degree. Please reference the Professional Education Handbook.

The Bachelor of Music Education degree requires a minimum of 40 semester hours in courses numbered above 300. A minimum total of 124 academic hours are required for this degree.

All degrees in education are subject to state requirements which may change at any time due to action of the State Board of Education.

The Bachelor of Music Education degree is available with these majors: Instrumental Music K-12, Vocal Music K-12.

B.M.E. Degree


The Northwest Core

48 to 52

Major Requirements

58 to 60

Professional Education Requirements


Degree Requirement


The Northwest Core

Major Requirements: see Department of Fine and Performing Arts section of this catalog.

Total Credit Hours: 124