2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

RAD 49407 Radiographic Anatomy and Physiology IV

This course reveals the structural and functional anatomy of the nervous system. To be included in are the organs, divisions and cells of the nervous system, nerve tracts, reflex arc, impulses and synapses. Divisions of the brain and spinal cord to include coverings and fluid spaces will be discussed. Cranial and spinal nerves of the peripheral nervous system and the functional and structural components of the autonomic nervous system will be complete the central nervous system anatomy. Introduction to blood components, blood types and coagulation will be introduced. Anatomy of the heart, major blood vessels and physiology of the cardiovascular system as well as pathologic conditions associated with the above anatomical structures. The endocrine, lymphatic and immune systems will be discussed. Prerequisite: RAD 49317 with a minimum grade of C.