2017-2018 Graduate Catalog

Applied Health and Sport Sciences M.S.

CIP: 310599

The curriculum is composed of courses that present an in-depth knowledge base for the area of applied health and sport sciences. The courses and requirements in the program will allow students the opportunity to expand not only their knowledge, but also skills and competencies. Upon completion of the graduate program in Applied Health and Sport Sciences, students will possess the following competencies:

  • Demonstrate knowledge in key areas of health and sport science, including the physical, psychological, and environmental aspects of human performance.
  • Demonstrate research and inquiry competencies by completing the research core, by writing a research paper.
  • Demonstrate professional and appropriate dispositions.

Program Requirements

This program of study is designed to prepare students to work, manage and interact in a variety of health, wellness, and physical activity and sport settings. Students who have not met prerequisite requirements for listed courses will be required to complete these prerequisites as part of their degree program. 


HPER 22636Research Methods in Health, Physical Education and Recreation


HPER 22665Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Data


HPER 22690Research Project

1 to 4

REC 45633Research Report Writing


HPER 22681Administration of Health, Physical Education and Sport


HPER 22632Exercise Physiology


HPER 22534Evidence Based Practice in Health Science and Wellness


HPER 22515Issues in Sport


HPER 22512Socio-Psychological Aspects of Human Performance


HPER 22555Intervention and Strategies for Health Behavior Change


HPER 22536Mechanical Analysis of Sports Skills



HPER 22529Theory and Fundamentals of Strength and Conditioning/Personal Training



HPER 22532Exercise Testing, Prescription, and Analysis of Cardiac Function



HPER 22680Health Sciences Field Experience

1 to 3

HPER 22636, HPER 22665, HPER 22681, and HPER 22632 are comprehensive exam courses.

M.S. Applied Health and Sport Sciences Program Completion Requirements

In addition to successful completion of Steps to Graduation, successful completion of the following School of Health Science and Wellness requirements are required:

  1. Completion of an approved fieldwork experience of 200 hours*
  2. Completion of a degree audit.
  3. Successful passage of Comprehensive Exams.
  4. Research paper.
*Students who have completed at least 200 hours of field experience in a related content area can request a course substitution for field experience. The past field experience must be documented and the course substitution must be approved by the graduate coordinator.

Total Credit Hours: 33