2017-2018 Graduate Catalog

Sport and Exercise Psychology M.S.

CIP: 310508

The M.S. program in Sport and Exercise Psychology is structured to develop competent and ethical leaders in the field of sport and exercise psychology.  This is accomplished through coursework in psychology, counseling, exercise sciences, and sport and exercise psychology.  The program emphasizes the importance of scientific inquiry in addition to applied opportunities in sport (youth, recreational, and competitive), physical activity, and wellness programs.  Students will be prepared to apply for AASP certification upon graduation.

Program Admission and Completion Requirements

All students pursuing a graduate degree in the department must meet the general requirements of the University and specific department requirements.  For the most recent changes in programs or requirements, visit our website at www.nwmissouri.edu.  Department requirements to be completed in the following sequence are:

  1. In addition to applying for admission to the University, graduate students must apply for admission into a specific program in the department.  Only fall entrants are accepted for the M.S. Sport and Exercise Psychology program.  The department application deadline is March 1.  Students accepted into the program are expected to begin courses the following August.
  2. Contact with the coordinator should be made prior to enrolling in any graduate courses.
  3. M.S. Sport and Exercise Psychology Criteria
    1. Submission of an undergraduate transcript from an accredited college which indicates:
      • A minimum overall grade point average of 3.00 or above:
      • A minimum GPA in the undergraduate declared major of 3.00;
    2. Submission of scores from the General Record Examination
    3. A professional goal statement (1-2 written pages on professional background, goals, and reasons for seeking admission to the master's program in sport and exercise psychology)
    4. A letter of recommendation and contact information from a professional reference.
  4. Degree candidacy will be based upon the recommendation of the Graduate Studies Committee of the Department of Behavioral Sciences at Northwest after the student has completed a minimum of 12 required hours in the program with a minimum GPA of 3.00.
  5. Satisfactorily complete a comprehensive examination.
  6. Satisfactorily complete a research project under the supervision of a member of the Behavioral Sciences graduate faculty.
  7. An incomplete grade (I) must be removed within one year.  See the section on Incomplete Grades for policies. 
  8. Complete at least 45 graduate hours (M.S. Sport and Psychology) in the approved program with at least a 3.00 ("B") overall GPA.  Student receiving grades of "C" or lower in more than 6 of the hours required in their approved program will be removed from candidacy, and grades of "C" or lower in courses (SCGD 68640, SCGD 68635, & SCGD 68675) will not be considered as fulfilling those course requirements.
  9. All graduate students in the program are required to become actively engaged in research activities as part of their graduate training.  These activities should be planned in consultation with the coordinator of advisement.
  10. Continuous enrollment every trimester is required.  Exceptions must be approved in writing by the program coordinator.

Detailed information on these requirements are in the Program Outline published by the department and can be obtained from any program faculty member or department chairperson.

Restricted Enrollment

Enrollment in most courses in the M.S. Sport and Exercise Psychology program is restricted to students accepted into that program.

Required Courses

Behavioral Sciences Courses

SCGD 68625Sport and Exercise Psychology


SCGD 68635Advanced Sport and Exercise Psychology


SCGD 68645Professional and Ethical Issues in Sport and Exercise Psychology


SCGD 68675Practicum in Sport and Exercise Psychology



SCGD 68610Counseling Theory and Techniques


SCGD 68640Group Counseling Techniques


PSYC 08605Social and Cultural Foundations of Counseling


PSYC 08616Psychodiagnosis of Pathology


PSYC 08627Advanced Child and Adolescent Psychology



SCGD 68636Methods in Counseling Research


SCGD 68639Research Project

1 to 3

Health and Human Services Courses

HPER 22512Socio-Psychological Aspects of Human Performance


HPER 22523Motor Development


HPER 22632Exercise Physiology


REC 45540Group Dynamics


Total Credit Hours: 45

Required Sequence-Fall Entry

First Year

Fall I:

Spring I:

Summer I:

SCGD 68625,
SCGD 68610,

REC 45540

SCGD 68640,
SCGD 68636,

PSYC 08616

SCGD 68645
PSYC 08627,

HPER 22523

Second Year

Fall II:

Spring II:


SCGD 68635
HPER 22632,

SCGD 68639

PSYC 08605,
HPER 22512,

SCGD 68675


Additional courses for students seeking CC AASP certification

An additional 6 hours are required for CC-AASP certification. See program coordinator for proper course selection for certification.
PSYC 08310Cognitive Psychology


HPER 22336Basic Biomechanics