2017-2018 Graduate Catalog

Department of Professional Education

Director of Teacher Education: Timothy Wall

Graduate Faculty: Kristina Alexander, Summer Christensen, Shantel Farnan, Virgil Freeman, Merlene Gilb, William Daniel Gordon, Nissa Ingraham, David Kiene, Pradnya Patet, Gregory Rich, Vicki Seeger, Tim Wall, Sue Wood

Associate Graduate Faculty:  Linda Gray Smith

Director of Field Experience (graduate): Gregory Rich

Principal of Horace Mann School: Sandy Seipel

Director of Leet Center for Children and Families: Cindy Rouner


Teacher Leader - Victoria Seeger

Alternative Certification – William Daniel Gordon

Doctor of Education – Carole Edmonds

Early Childhood – Pradnya Patet

Educational Leadership (M.S.Ed.) – David Kiene

Educational Leadership (Ed.S.) – Kristina Alexander

Elementary – Sue Wood

English Language Learners – Nissa Ingraham

Higher Education Leadership –Timothy Wall

Reading – Summer Christensen

Special Education – Shantel Farnan

Teaching: Secondary/GIST –

Middle School - 

Advisor - Jill Baker  

Department Telephone: (660) 562-1239

Statement of Mission

Northwest Missouri State University is a learning-centered community of scholars offering undergraduate and selected graduate programs. The University is committed to preparing broadly educated and engaged citizens for a world of constant change, applying information technology to improve learning processes, and promoting continuous improvement to enhance performance in all its activities. Northwest seeks to expand access to learning and promote research designed to address the needs of our students and stakeholders.

Changes to programs during this catalog cycle may be made related to changes in certification requirements and/or program changes approved by both Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

All education majors are required to purchase the Tk20 assessment package. Students who have not purchased the subscription will not be admitted into the Professional Education Unit.