2017-2018 Graduate Catalog

Instructional Technology M.S.

CIP: 130501

This degree is designed for individuals who develop and implement instructional modules for varied learning communities.

The graduate of this program should:

  1. Operate a multimedia computer system with related peripheral devices.
  2. Install and use software packages.
  3. Evaluate and write curricula and instructional designs that integrate technology.
  4. Design instructional systems for the teaching and integration of technology skills and concepts.
  5. Develop assessment strategies and tools used with instructional technology.
  6. Evaluate and synthesize instructional technology issues affecting society and education.

Program Admission Requirements

  1. Compliance with all of the eligibility requirements of the Graduate School as set forth in the Graduate Catalog.

  2. Acceptance to graduate study by the Dean of the Graduate School.

  3. Completion of a four-year undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university with an undergraduate gpa of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

  4. If an applicant has a teaching certificate, then in lieu of the GRE, one would submit PRAXIS scores or Missouri Content Assessment scores prior to admission.  One letter of recommendation from the applicant's current administrator or supervisor assessing potential for success in graduate school is also required.  For applicants who were certified prior to the PRAXIS or Missouri Content Assessment requirement, two letters of recommendation (one from the current administrator or supervisor and one from a professional colleague) would be required.  All application materials are submitted to the Northwest Graduate School.
  5. Submit a two-page, double spaced writing assessment with the application for admission.  Topic of the writing assessment should be how the applicant will use the knowledge and skills learned in this master's program.
  6. If an applicant does not hold a teaching certificate, then the GRE is required with a minimum score of 280 on the combined verbal and quantitative sections.  The writing sample will be part of the GRE -- Analytical.  A minimum score of 3.5 is required on the GRE writing assessment.  If this score is not met, the candidate can take the departmental writing sample.
  7. The writing assessment, GRE, PRAXIS scores, or Missouri Content Assessment scores will be waived for applicants with a graduate degree (Master's or higher) from an accredited institution or who have earned the graduate certificate in e-Teaching or Instructional Technology from Northwest Missouri State University.
  8. The GRE, PRAXIS scores, or Missouri Content Assessment scores will be waived for applicants with significant current or former military leadership experience in any branch of the United States Armed Forces.  For enlisted personnel, the grade of E-6 or higher will waive these requirements.  All warrant officers and commissioned officers CW3 or 03 and higher qualify for this waiver.  Documentation must be submitted with the application to the program.  Students receiving this waiver will be required to complete the writing assessment.
  9. Submission of transcripts from all colleges and universities attended.

Application Deadlines

Applications for admissions must be submitted to the Graduate Office on the Northwest campus by the following dates: Fall Trimester-July 15; Spring Trimester-November 15; Summer Trimester-March 15. 

Admission Appeal

Students not meeting the departmental GPA or GRE admission standards as stated may appeal to the departmental admission committee.  Appeals should be made in writing to the school director and will be reviewed by the school admission committee. 

Program Admissions Appeal Committee

The director will appoint a committee of three school members, including the advisor in the major field.

The student is to submit a portfolio including:

  1. Transcripts of all credits,
  2. A written request for alternative admission (minimum 250 words not to exceed three double-spaced, word-processed pages),
  3. Two employer/supervisor recommendations. 

Program Course Entry Requirement

The student entering the M.S. in Instructional Technology must have proficiency in word processing, spreadsheets, database and presentation software and proficiently use an internet browser.





Thirty-two hours of graduate credit are required for completion of the M.S. Instructional Technology.  A minimum grade point average of 3.0 must be earned for the courses in this program.

Required Courses

CSIS 44515Effective Assessment


CSIS 44582Technology Curriculum and Integration


CSIS 44585Instructional Technology and the Learning Process


CSIS 44614Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning


CSIS 44626Multimedia Systems


CSIS 44635Instructional Systems Design


CSIS 44645Computers and Networks


CSIS 44650Building a Virtual Learning Environment


CSIS 44656Current Issues in Instructional Technology


CSIS 44696Graduate Directed Project

2 to 4

Advisor approved electives


Total Credit Hours: 32


A member of the Graduate Faculty of the School of Computer Science and Information Systems  will serve as the major advisor. The major advisor will assist students in approving and submitting the Degree Audit to the Graduate Office. When updates are complete, the student will be notified to review and agree to the Degree Audit. The major advisor must approve any additional changes to the student’s Degree Audit by notifying the Graduate Office.

Comprehensive Examination

The comprehensive examination will be scheduled, administered, and evaluated by members of the graduate faculty in the School of Computer Science and Information Systems area.