2017-2018 Graduate Catalog

EDUC 61724  Field Study in Administration and Supervision

This course involves the writing of a study based upon completion of a field project conducted in cooperation with a school district or appropriate agency. Requires a detailed investigation and survey of issues pertinent to the selected institution or in-depth, independent research relevant to current practices in any facet of the educational process. The subject for investigation is selected by the student, subject to committee approval. An oral review of the completed project will be presented to the Faculty Advisory Committee and two additional persons selected by the advisor. The field study may be repeated by the student, but total credit shall not exceed 6 semester hours. Prerequisites: ED 61723 and permission of student's committee or concurrent enrollment.

Students must complete 61-724 in same trimester of course enrollment or continuously enroll in one credit hour until 61-724 is satisfactorily completed.

Continuous Enrollment Policy. Students must continue to register for one hour of the 61-724 class each trimester until 61-724 is satisfactorily completed. Failure to maintain continuous enrollment in 61-724 may require enrollment in additional hours of Field Study before the Educational Specialist degree is granted.