2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog

The Honors Program / H

Associate Provost of the College of Arts and Sciences: Michael Steiner

Director of the Honors Program: Gregg Dieringer

Honors Faculty: Casey Abington, Joel Benson, Elizabeth Dimmitt, Rebecca Dunnell, Dawn Gilley, Brian Hesse, Bayo Joachim, Jeffrey Loomis, Kevin Romig, Brenda Ryan, Devlin Scofield, David Vlieger, and Nancy Zeliff

Statement of Mission

The Honors Program provides motivated and talented students with an enriched educational experience. Through limited class size and close interactions with faculty, the program provides talented students with a deeper understanding of content and an opportunity to develop critical thinking and discussion skills that prepare them for a dynamic world. In the Honors Program, a commitment to learning is combined with a spirit of inquiry and a critical understanding of the responsibilities of global citizenship. By bringing together the ideas from diverse traditions of knowledge, the Honors Program helps prepare creative and innovative leaders to meet emerging challenges in our global community.

The Honors Program Curriculum

Northwest Missouri State University’s Northwest Core Requirements are outlined in this catalog (see The Northwest Core). The Honors Program requires a minimum of 21 credit hours in Honors sections of Northwest Core courses. Honors sections will be designated with an “H” in the course title as listed online and on the student transcript. By the 2014-2016 academic year, Honors sections existed for 13 different Northwest Core Requirements courses: Accelerated Composition, Fundamentals of Oral Communication, Statistics, Introduction to American Government, America: A Historical Survey, Introduction to Literature, Western Civilization I, Western Civilization II, Introduction to Philosophy, The Enjoyment of Music, Introduction to Geography, General Psychology, People and Cultures of the World, and Computers and Information Technology.

Honors Program Policies, Expectations and Requirements

The Honors Program is designed for motivated and capable students. During the first trimester, the Honors student typically enrolls in at least one Honors class. These classes are sections of existing courses enhanced for the Honors students. Class size limits for Honors sections provide ample opportunity for students to express themselves and interact more with professors and classmates:

Honors sections will typically involve:


  • more extensive reading and/or more ambitious laboratory work
  • in-depth conversation
  • connections within and among disciplines
  • relationship of course material to a diverse global society
  • challenging educational experiences beyond the classroom
  • opportunities for research and capstone experiences

Eligibility and Admission

  • To be considered for entrance into the Honors program, a first-time/entering student must have a minimum ACT composite score of 26 and a minimum high school GPA of 3.50.
  • Students will be selected from among eligible applicants.

Program Continuation Requirements

  • Honors students must maintain a 3.50 Northwest cumulative grade point average to remain in the Honors Program. If a student falls below a 3.50 GPA after the first academic year, the student is placed on academic probation in the Honors Program. If after the following academic year, the student has not regained a 3.50 cumulative GPA, the student will be suspended from the Honors Program. The suspended student can apply for readmission to the program once their Northwest cumulative GPA is at or above 3.50.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate with honors, a student must:

  • complete at least 21 hours in Honors sections of the required General Education courses or through honors credit agreements 
  • maintain a 3.50 cumulative GPA

Co-Curricular Activities

    • Special colloquia, field trips, etc. are available for enrichment and limited to Honors students.
    • Honors students have the privilege of an early preregistration for classes.

    Honors Program


      • Honors students have opportunities for special access to selected campus-wide events.
      • Honors students participate in various activities such as research projects and service learning activities. 
      • Honors students receive special advisement by the director of the Honors Program and/or by Honors faculty.
      • A special dinner is held for Honors graduates and their families.
      • Students receive an Honors medal for graduation (transcript and diploma will carry the Honors designation).