2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog

Fine and Performing Arts Department

Chairperson: Joe Kreizinger

Faculty: John Bell, Katheryn Bilbo, Martha Breckenridge, Rebecca Dunnell, Christopher Gibson, Christopher Graves, Patrick Immel, Stephanie Jorandby, Gayla Kobialka, Ernest Kramer, Brian Lanier, Armin Mühsam, Anthony Olson, Sheila Phillips, Robert Pippin, William Richardson, Stuart Robinson, Theo Ross, Pamela Shannon, Kathryn Strickland, Stephen Town, Bobby Tso, Glenn Williams

Statement of Mission

Northwest Missouri State University is a learning-centered community of scholars offering undergraduate and selected graduate programs. The University is committed to preparing broadly educated and engaged citizens for a world of constant change, applying information technology to improve learning processes, and promoting continuous improvement to enhance performance in all its activities. Northwest seeks to expand access to learning and promote research designed to address the needs of our students and stakeholders.

Degree Programs

The Department of Fine and Performing Arts offers twelve majors, six minors and one area of endorsement.


The Department of Fine and Performing Arts is comprised of the disciplines of Art, Music, and Theatre. While these disciplines share many common objectives and values, the programs of study require different policies for study in the various majors. For that reason the policies, descriptions, requirements, and offerings are presented by discipline so that all materials related to Art are together, followed by all materials related to Music, followed by all materials related to Theatre.