2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog

University Wellness Services

University Wellness Services, operating out of the Wellness Center, is the hub for all campus wellness activities and encompasses clinical, counseling, health promotion, public health and crisis response services.  While remaining committed to quality outpatient care, Wellness Services focuses on wellness not only as prevention of disease, but as a philosophy of life.  This philosophy emphasizes self-responsibility and taking an active role in maintaining one’s health with the assumption that true health must consider the individual as an integration of mind, body, and spirit through considering social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, occupational and physical wellness. Please visit the University Wellness Services website at www.nwmissouri.edu/wellness. 

Clinic Services

Wellness Services provides clinical health services to full- and part-time students. In the fall and spring trimesters, outpatient clinical services are offered between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Due to decreased volume demand in the summer, fewer clinic service hours are available. Wellness Services will bill all insurance plans (except out-of-state Medicaid) for clinic services provided to Northwest students. Students will be financially responsible for lab, procedure, and injection charges not covered by insurance, as well as medications prescribed by our providers. Students without insurance will be responsible for the entirety of these lab, procedure, injection, and medication costs. As a benefit of being a Northwest student, Wellness Services does not collect copays or bill students directly for office visit charges not covered by insurance--making us the most affordable and convenient health provider for Northwest students.

Prior to enrollment, students must comply with certain health requirements to protect the health and safety of the Northwest community including:

  1. Completion of a Health History Form (required for all students).
  2. MMR Immunization. All Northwest students born during or after 1957 must show proof of immunization against Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR). Students who do not show proof of MMR immunization will have a hold placed on registration for classes in the next trimester. The following students are exempted from this requirement:
    1. Online-only students,
    2. Students attending one of Northwest’s Distance Learning Centers,
    3. Dual enrollment students.
  3. Meningococcal Vaccination.  Per Missouri State Law, all students who reside in on campus housing must provide proof that they have received the Meningococcal Vaccine.  It is our recommendation, in accordance with CDC guidelines, that students who received the vaccine prior to turning 16 years of age receive a booster dose prior to moving into their residence hall.  Students will not be allowed to live on campus if this requirement is not met.  For more information, please review Wellness Services' Health History Form.
  4. Tuberculosis Screening is required of all first-time students at Northwest Missouri State University. This screening is found on the Health History form that is given to all first-time Northwest students.
  5. Tuberculosis Testing is required for first-time students who: are born in a country with high incidence of TB based on CDC guidelines; who have spent more than three continuous months outside the United States in a country with high incidence of TB; and/or have a known exposure to TB. Details on how to satisfy these requirements can be found at http://www.nwmissouri.edu/wellness/beforenw.htm.

Personal Development and Counseling Services

Wellness Services is committed to the personal development and success of all Northwest students. Wellness Services provides personal development and counseling services that are a vital resource to help students reach their full potential. Students use these services to improve the way they live, learn, and grow. Wellness Services offers individual and couples counseling to students, focusing on a wide variety of student concerns. In addition, the following services are provided to the campus community: workshops, guest lectures, referral services, consultations, training and crisis intervention. Recently, Meditation classes have been added as services to students at no additional charge. Counseling services and outreach are provided by a staff of licensed mental health professionals to help students get the most out of their college experience.

Health Promotion Services

Wellness Services offers a variety of services promoting health and wellness that are designed to help students modify their lifestyles and move toward a higher level of health and wellness. These services include, but are not limited to: grant-funded public health initiatives, health and wellness related speakers, awareness weeks, health education activities, and other health promotion events.

Peer Education

Northwest Bearcat Peer Educators are students who are passionate about promoting health and wellness to their peers.  Many Peer Educators have received certification through the BACCHUS Network, a national peer education network. Through interactive activities in and out of the classroom, they share the vision of Wellness Services with the campus community. They educate other students through classroom seminars, special programs, and awareness campaigns. Topics Peer Educators address include: alcohol and drugs, wellness, relationships, sexual assault, body image, diversity, stress management, and others. Presentations can be tailored to fit the audience’s needs. For more information about becoming a Peer Educator or to schedule a presentation, contact Peer Education at the Wellness Center, (660) 562-1348 or email at peeredu@nwmissouri.edu.