2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog

Information Technology

Northwest provides computing services to students, faculty, and staff via the campus network of over 7,000 notebook and personal computers. Featuring notebook computers for every student, the network is supported by high speed gigabit connections between buildings and high speed switches. Interactive computing and computer-aided instruction is supported by 110 servers. The local-area networks on campus are linked with a 500mbps connection to national and international wide-area networks via MOREnet and Internet. These services are available to every student, staff member and faculty member. Wide-area computing services include electronic mail via cloud email servers, remote library searches, and remote login access to super computers across the nation, plus locally supported access to the World Wide Web.

Students are assigned a username and password which can access a variety of services free of charge. For example, web services provide general information on class offerings, student and faculty directories, calendars, scholarship offerings, job openings, and a self-enrollment system enabling students to select course sections they desire. Email, along with other productivity tools such as Microsoft Office, are available to assist the students in their academic work. Students may also print at several locations across campus, for which there is a small printing fee for the laser and color printers. The library online catalog and full-text article retrieval, are also available using your network username and password. Wireless access is available in all academic, student services and student housing buildings on campus.