2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog

Undeclared (Deciding) Major and/or Degree Objective

The student who is undecided about a major or pre-professional interest, or perhaps about both, should look upon the freshman year, and perhaps also the sophomore year, as exploratory. 

New students who have not yet made a decision on what major to pursue are asked to declare a Meta-Major, which is a set of coursework designed to get the student to an academic goal in the fastest and most efficient way. The four Meta-Majors to choose from include: Business, Education, Sciences, and University Studies. If one of the first three areas does not fit the student, selecting the University Studies Meta-Major provides additional time for exploration and deliberation on a major while earning Northwest Core credits. All students are required to complete 48 hours of Northwest Core coursework, so the Meta-Major assists in providing the framework needed to make a final decision.