2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog

Veterans’ Affairs

The University maintains an Office of Veterans’ Affairs to assist veterans and eligible persons in all phases of certification and retention of educational benefits. The Veterans’ Office, located in the Office of Scholarships and Financial Assistance, also assists veterans and eligible persons in receiving payment for tutorial assistance, veterans’ work-study and giving advice and counsel.

Northwest students receiving benefits from the Veterans’ Administration will meet VA conditions for satisfactorily pursuing a program of study by meeting the University’s general catalog requirements. However, a few VA requirements are more stringent than the general catalog requirements.

Northwest Missouri State University is in compliance with the requirements of PL 113-146 the Veteran Access, Choice and Accountability Act of 2014, Section 702. Northwest ensures in-state tuition rates for eligible uniformed services veterans and their qualified dependents covered under Section 702. 

Regular Attendance

VA students must attend all classes according to each instructor’s attendance policies. VA benefits will be terminated as of the last date of attendance reported by the instructor for students with unsatisfactory attendance. All VA students using Chapter 30, 1607, and 1606 must verify their attendance monthly, on or after the last day of each month by using the Web Automated Verification of Enrollment (WAVE) or calling 877-823-2378.

Unsatisfactory Progress

The University is required to notify the Veterans’ Administration that a student did not make satisfactory progress if the student:

a) receives a non-punitive grade in any course; b) fails or withdraws from all classes; or c) is suspended by the University.

Education benefits will be terminated for students who fail to make VA satisfactory progress.

Classes Not Completed

The Veterans’ Administration may require students to repay benefits received for classes dropped. All VA students must report changes in enrollment status, including drop/add/withdrawals to the school certifying official. The VA will only pay for courses that lead to a standard degree or certificate. VA benefits will not be paid for courses in which students have already earned a satisfactory grade, unless the university states that a higher grade is necessary for completion of the curriculum. VA benefits will not be paid for courses that a student elects to audit.

Delayed/Incomplete Grades

Delayed/incomplete grades must be removed by the end of the next trimester or they will be changed to grades of “F.”

VA students should contact the Office of Veterans’ Affairs before deciding to repeat a course, withdraw from the University, drop a class, take a delayed grade or interrupt class attendance to assure compliance with VA regulations.

Contact Information

For information and assistance in completing and maintaining the proper documents to receive VA benefits, a student should contact the Veterans School Certifying Official by calling 660-562-1141 or by emailing mstoner@nwmissouri.edu.