2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog

LANG 14451 American Sign Language IV

This course design provides a process and task-oriented approach to identify, select, and analyze the tools and credentials required to work with diverse and culturally linguistic minorities in a variety of settings and specialized fields including Global Deafness and Deaf Nation.  Application or prior knowledge and skills to ethical and political issues in the global workforce provides a deeper appreciation to students in their specialized fields of study.  Assessment procedures are introduced, evaluated, and simulated which include policies and procedures for obtaining credentials that evaluate cultural and linguistic competence.  Research analysis and reflective practices include making connections/comparisons and integrating social, ethical, intellectual, and personal growth throughout the Deaf Studies program, including assessments/evaluations documenting a language plan and evidence of the highest level of English and American Sign Language Proficiency in a professional portfolio.  This course is taught primarily in American Sign Language.  Prerequisites:  LANG 14351 with a minimum grade of C.