2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog

LANG 14256 American Sign Language Practicum

This course is an introduction to Cultural Responsive Teaching, Universal Design, and Teaching and Language Proficiency standards and integrates the community engagement and/or parent involvement and communication needs in dual language programs where English and another language is taught or translated.  Students will learn how to analyze, integrate, and reflect on positive behavior reports in a structural field experience working with the Sign With Me Dual Language Program. World-class instructional design and assessment, teacher education, and professional education modules will help students understand the purpose of positive professional communities.  It will also help students reflect on their experiences teaching or creating sign language materials in a program focusing on culturally diverse and linguistic minorities and awareness of cultural differences with emphases in education, medical, social-emotional play, and age-appropriate activities that increase language development and increasing signing skills.  Prerequisites:  LANG 14151 and LANG 14251 with minimum grades of C or permission from instructor.