2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog

ENGL 10115 Accelerated Composition

Combines the course material of ENGL 10111: Composition I - Academic Literacies and ENGL 10112: Composition II - Writing as Engagement into one semester. Skills covered will include those required for academic literacies, such as academic rhetoric, argumentation, and research, as well as those applicable to writing and reading beyond the university. Students will complete an extensive writing project which may incorporate various genres and media as well as primary and secondary research. For further information, see the course descriptions for ENGL 10111 and ENGL 10112. Satisfactory completion of this course fulfills all six hours of The Northwest Core requirements for Written Communication. Three, GPA bearing, credit hours will be applied for ENGL 10115. Three, non-GPA bearing, credit hours will be applied as credit for the required ACT score. Prerequisite: ACT English subscore of 27 or higher. (F, S)