2014-2016 Undergraduate Catalog


Academic Advisement

Academic advisement is regarded by the University as an extension of the teaching function, and therefore it is an important responsibility of the faculty. Academic advisors explain the University requirements and assist individual students in building programs which satisfy these requirements. Also, the advisors communicate to the students, particularly freshmen, the meaning of higher education and its significance to the student. However, students are expected to read the regulations in the University catalog and conform to them. The student is responsible for knowing the regulations and policies and for meeting the requirements for a degree or certificate.

Undeclared (Deciding) Major and/or Degree Objective

The student who is undecided about a major or pre-professional interest, or perhaps about both, should look upon the freshman year, and perhaps also the sophomore year, as exploratory. The student should also examine possible pre-professional interests and adapt the programs accordingly; and above all, consult with advisors about a program that will make it possible to change later into one of the several majors or pre-professional curricula.

General Registration

A registration period is set aside, with published dates and time schedules, preceding the beginning of courses for each trimester or session. Registration instructions are available on the Registrar’s website. Off-campus and off-schedule courses have specific registration deadlines which may differ from the regular registration periods.


The University provides a period for currently enrolled students to preregister for classes during regular terms. Before the first day of class, each preregistered student must verify registration by supplying information in regard to local address, emergency contacts, and other pertinent data.

A student who has preregistered and does not return for the term must notify the Office of the Registrar in writing before the date of general registration so that his or her enrollment can be cancelled (email: registrar@nwmissouri.edu). Students who fail to meet the deadline must complete withdrawal as outlined in Adding, Dropping, and Withdrawals and are subject to fees.

Students receiving veterans’ benefits should consult with the coordinator of Veterans’ Affairs prior to withdrawal.