2021-2022 Graduate Catalog

Geographic Information Science, Certificate

CIP: 450702

The department offers an online Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science. The program focuses on applied geographic information science as used in industry and the public sector. After earning the Certificate, students may continue on to Master of Science degree in Geographic Information Science by taking additional courses required for the Master’s degree.


Program Admission Requirement

Applicants seeking admission to the Certificate in Geographic Information Science program must meet the following requirements:

1.    Compliance with all of the eligibility requirements of the Graduate School as set forth in this catalog.
2.    Acceptance to graduate study by the Associate Provost of Graduate Studies and Special Programs.

General Requirements and Policies for the Certificate in Geographic Information Science

1.    All requirements of the Graduate School must be met.  
2.    A grade of “B” or better must be earned in all courses that are prerequisites to other courses.
3.    No more than three credit hours of graduate credit may be transferred from a regionally- or nationally-accredited institution for the certificate in Geographic Information Science. All other Graduate School policies related to transfer credit must be satisfied.
4.    All courses for the certificate must be completed within an eight-year period beginning with the date of the first course taken for the certificate.
5.    All courses in the certificate program can be applied toward the M.S. in Geographic Information Science program. (Such students must formally apply for admission to this program and complete all admission requirements, including the writing sample. The GRE will be waived for students who have earned the graduate certificate in Geographic Information Science from Northwest.)


A member of the Graduate Faculty of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences will serve as the major advisor.  The major advisor must approve any changes to the student’s Degree Audit by notifying the Graduate Office.

Required Core Courses

GEOG 32602Principles of GIS


GEOG 32604Applications of Remotely Sensed Data


GEOG 32606Cartographic Design and Visualization


GEOG 32620GIS and Spatial Analytics


Electives (Choose 3 hours)

GEOG 32608Fundamentals of GeoStatistics


GEOG 32630Raster-based GIS and Modeling


GEOG 32641Geoprocessing with Python


GEOG 32642Internet GIS


GEOG 32650GIS Database Design


GEOG 32660Trends in GIS


GEOG 32663Digital Image Processing


Total Credit Hours: 15