2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

Bachelor of Science in Education

Completion of this curriculum, other University requirements, and minimum overall grade point average qualifies the student to receive a Bachelor of Science in Education degree. Please reference the Professional Education Handbook.

The Bachelor of Science in Education degree requires a minimum of 40 semester hours in courses numbered above 300. A minimum of 30 semester hours must be completed in residence, with the last 10 hours of academic work completed at Northwest. A minimum total of 120 academic hours are required for this degree.

All degrees in education are subject to state requirements which may change at any time due to action of the State Board of Education.

Specific requirements within, or in addition to, The Northwest Core requirements, must be taken for teacher certification.

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Education degree may follow one of the following programs. Listed below each program are areas of certification which may be followed under that particular program.



Elementary (Certifies Grades 1-6)

Early Childhood (Certifies Birth to Grade 3)

Early Childhood Special Education (Certifies Birth to Grade 3)

Spanish (Certifies Grades K-9)

Special Education: Cross Categorical (Certifies Grades K-12)

Middle School

Agriculture (Certifies Grades 5-9)

Business Education (Certifies Grades 5-9)

Speech/Theatre (Certifies Grades 5-9)

Language Arts (Certifies Grades 5-9)

Mathematics (Certifies Grades 5-9)

Science (Certifies Grades 5-9)

Social Science (Certifies Grades 5-9)


Agriculture (Certifies Grades 9-12)

Business (Certifies Grades 9-12)

English (Certifies Grades 9-12)

Health (Certifies Grades 9-12)

Mathematics (Certifies Grades 9-12)

Science: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, or Physics (Four separate programs) (Certifies Grades 9-12)

Social Studies: History (Certifies Grades 9-12)

Speech/Theatre (Certifies Grades 9-12)


Art (Certifies Grades K-12)

Physical Education (Certifies Grades K-12)

Spanish (Certifies Grades K-12)

Total Credit Hours: 120

Information regarding admittance to teacher education, advanced standing requirements, directed teaching, and certification is located within the School of Education section of this catalog.