2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

Mathematics Education Minor, 25 hours: B.S.Ed.

CIP: 131311

Required Courses

Required Courses (25 hours)

MATH 17171Fundamentals of Mathematics


MATH 17114General Statistics *


MATH 17117Precalculus *


MATH 17120Calculus I


MATH 17280Methods in Teaching with Technology


MATH 17371Algebra and Geometry for Elementary and Middle School Teachers


MATH 17473Advanced Topics for Middle School Teachers


MATH 17497Connections to Teaching Mathematics


Professional Education Requirements

See Middle School Education Program Requirements

Students must take MATH 17582 Mathematics Methods for Middle School Teachers as part of their professional education requirements.

If MATH 17171 is also used to fulfill a Northwest Core Requirement, the hours may be counted only once toward the total number of credit hours required for graduation.


This minor, when completed under the B.S.Ed. Middle School Program, will meet Missouri teacher certification standards for Mathematics grades 5-9.  Primary advisement for Middle School Certification is provided by the School of Education.  Please also seek a secondary advisor from the content area.