2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

REC 45469 Practicum in Aging

As a way to apply what is learned in coursework and to become more comfortable working with elders, the student must complete a 3 credit, 135 hour practicum providing experiences with both well and frail older persons. Students are required to complete this practicum in addition to any other practicum required for other programs. Settings for aging practicum experiences may include senior centers, assisted living, long term care, rehabilitation agencies, community parks and recreation agencies, social service agencies, hospitals, retirement communities, adult day programs, church programs, and others with prior approval by the Program Coordinator.  A course fee will be charged in addition to the tuition credits.  This fee covers student liability insurance and the travel expenses for a faculty supervisor site visit within 150 miles from campus. Prerequisite: 12 hours of coursework in the Gerontology minor with a C or better in each class. (F, S, SS)