2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

EDCI 62221 Literacy in the Elementary School

In this course, candidates will learn strategies and skills essential for the instruction of literacy in the elementary school. Candidates will be immersed in concepts of children's literature, language acquisition, language arts, reading, and writing. Emphasis will be given to the integration of literacy with art, music, and physical education. This course requires 3-5 hours of field experience work.  Prerequisite:  A minimum grade of C in EDCI 62107, EDCI 62113, EDCI 62108, EDCI 62116, EDCI 62109, and EDCI 62119.  Corequisites for Elementary and Special Education majors include: EDCI 62220, EDCI 62222, EDCI 62223, and EDCI 62224.