2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog

University Seminar

University Seminar is an academic course designed to introduce students to the Northwest community and collegiate environment. Each student develops a personal plan to understand and assume responsibility for their own university experience. Course content includes adjustment to University life, skills necessary to make the most of the university experience, Northwest Core Requirements, academic programs and advisement, career exploration, campus and community resources, and taking advantage of cultural and extracurricular events. 


  1. University Seminar is an entry-level course requirement, as well as a Northwest Core Requirement for all two- and four-year programs.
  2. All first-time, full-time (12 semester hours) freshmen entering the University are required to enroll in University Seminar in their first semester of enrollment. If the student does not pass the course, it must be retaken in successive terms until passed.
  3. Students transferring or returning to Northwest with less than 15 semester hours are required to take University Seminar.
  4. Non-traditional (those out of high school more than five years) degree-seeking students are not exempted from University Seminar. These students may attend special sections designed for non-traditional students or they may discuss alternatives with their University Seminar instructor regarding the parts of the course which are deemed inappropriate because of their personal status.
  5. A student who is dually-enrolled in high school prior to entering Northwest is not exempt. The student is still required to take University Seminar.

Petitions for exceptions to the above requirements are considered by the Curriculum and Degree Requirements Committee of the Faculty Senate. Petition forms are available in the Office of the Registrar and on the Northwest website at http://www.nwmissouri.edu/registrar/PDF/CurriculumDegreeReqs.pdf