2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog

Final Examinations

The University publishes an official final examination schedule for fall and spring terms. Summer examinations are scheduled by each instructor on the last day of the course. All examinations must be given on the day and time for which they are scheduled.

Students who wish to change their final examination schedule must obtain the approval of the instructor and file the change with the department chair/school director. Students may petition for a change in their final examination schedule only in cases of major medical situations, personal or family crisis, or University-prescribed activities. Students faced with an emergency and unable to contact the instructor should contact an appropriate University office or person as soon as possible.

A student who has three examinations scheduled on the same day may petition for a schedule change by initiating a petition with any one of the instructors giving an examination on the day three are scheduled. The petition must be signed by the instructor granting the change. The student will file the change with the department chair/school director. Petitions may be obtained at the academic department.