2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog

School of Communication and Mass Media

Director: Matt Walker

Assistant Director: Bayo Joachim

Faculty: Steven Chappell, Joy Daggs, Lori Durbin, John Katsion, Alex Kirt, Marc Krein, Fred Lamer, Jacquie Lamer, Kyle Miller, Jason Offutt, David Shadinger, Jody Strauch, Brian Swafford, Nathan Wilson

Staff: Marla McCrary, Leslie Murphy, Will Murphy

Statement of Mission

Northwest Missouri State University is a learning-centered community of scholars offering undergraduate and selected graduate programs. The University is committed to preparing broadly educated and engaged citizens for a world of constant change, applying information technology to improve learning processes, and promoting continuous improvement to enhance performance in all its activities. Northwest seeks to expand access to learning and promote research designed to address the needs of our students and stakeholders.